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Why Use Technical's For Trading?

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Greetings from
EBN Technicals Stocks Commodity Research & Trading Systems Pvt Ltd.

Dear Traders,

You must have observed that “GOOGLE Search Engine” gives a very very long list of TIPs Providers/ Trading System Providers. Amazingly every one claiming itself to be best and try to exhibit mouth watering profits, claiming accuracy above >90% etc etc etc.

Such advertisements are made only attract traders to subscribe who do not have any reliable trading methods. Such traders’ infact loose their money on following them, unfortunately thereafter they stop believing even genuine trading system providers.

So, how to decide and judge who is true?

Now few questions arises in One's Mind :-

  1. 1) How to judge them?
  2. 2) Who is Genuine & true?
  3. 3) How to Decide out of such a long list?

Merely believing their claims is not enough………. Isn’t it?

So, Is Judging & choosing is difficult?

  • Answer is NO, NO, NO , Not at ALL…..…..
  • Ask them a simple & straight forward Question that Do they themselves trade on their Trading Systems or Trade on their TIPS?
    • # Majority would answer either "No" or "Silence" or "avoid" or "put forth an Argument that it is against company policy" or "Any other excuse like Visit our offices etc etc". So please understand, if they cannot earn for themselves, how do you expect them to bring profits for you..........! So, simple to judge........ ! Unfortunately, you will find majority falling in this Category…! So now the long list of Service Providers could be reduced to few.
    • # However, if the answer is Yes, then advise them to produce the scanned / PDF copies of daily Contract Notes on their website as evidence of their claimed profitability.

Since, we trade on our Trading System for Nifty / BankNifty & Commodity, so, we thought a different idea to convince Stock Market Traders who are not yet using our Professional Trading System. That, we should now onward post daily Contract Notes on our website as solid proof of its profitability potential. As, the excel sheets / PDF sheets / Tables are nomally fudge & misleading.

Request Live Chat or watch LIVE BROADCAST via AMMYY, Put in our ID 15 884 696 to view it LIVE (Monday to Friday 9:15AM to 23:30PM) on your PC, Password to Connect is ebn_technicals

Traders please watch our Daily Performance (i.e. Our Contract Notes).

Click Here to Register for Live Demo of Trading System, we will revert.

Click Here to Download, install and take DEMO of Adv Rapid Fire Professional Trading System on AMIBROKER.

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Click Here to Watch YouTube Video to understand how it works in Real Time Market.

Click here for Web Based version of Intraday Trading System on Internet Explorer.

Click here to Get Economical Real Time Data for Equity, Futures & Options, and Commodity.

Click here for Pricing Page—Pay via Online/ NetBanking/ CC Avenue Payment Gateway/ Offline.

Click here to download the AMMYY (a remote installation help).

Click here to register for Freeeee Weekly Webinar on "How To Trade" via Professional Trading System for education the Stock Traders in “English + Hindi” Medium.

If you like to follow Daily SMS TIPS in Nifty, BankNifty Futures & Commodity, please register on HOME PAGE or Send SMS from your Mobile in under stated format...

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EBN Technicals Stocks Commodity Research & Trading Systems Pvt Ltd.
Branch :- BARAKHAMBA Road, New Delhi.
Current A/c number :- 0708-7630-0001-40

Happy & Profitable Trading…..

EBN Technicals
Stocks Commodity Research & Trading Systems Pvt Ltd.
New Delhi.

Email : Support@EarnByNifty.Com

Call : +919217658993

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Friday, July 19, 2013

Installation Guide to "Adv Rapid Fire Professional Trading System"--- YouTube Video Guide

Dear Visitors,

We had requests for having a Video Installation Guide in place of PDF one.
So, we are pleased to Post the same on YouTube.

Please Click here to view it.

H O M E   P A G E 

Best Wishes.....

Monday, May 6, 2013

Performance Videos etc

Dear Friends,

The performance videos are available on CLICK HERE.

May please contact for any specific counter video on 15min timeframe...


Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunday, February 17, 2013


Watch Non Stop YouTube Video from 11th Feb to 15th Feb-2013.

Sunday, February 10, 2013


Watch Non Stop YouTube Video from 28th-Jan-2013 to 08th Feb-2013.